The production of rubber (SBR) floor mats for heavy vehicles started in 1976 as a part of Oy Nokia Ab's rubber production. Production has always included floor mats, but in the beginning, the product range also covered different technical rubber products, such as buffers for vessels and quays, rubber surfaces for steel rolls and different clamp products.

Backfoaming of the floor mats was launched at the end of 1970's and the first foaming robot was introduced in 1992.

The company became privately owened in 1990. The product range was narrowed down and the decision to concentrate on sound-insulating floor mats for the commercial vehicle industry was made in 1992.

The first water cutting robot was implemented in the finishing process in 1993.

The foundation for the current operations was created in the beginning of the 1990's, when the decision was made to develope a production process for polyurethane floor mats based on the RIM technology. Hydnum Oy was the first in the world to launch mass production of polyurethane (PUR) floor mats in 1995.